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We Work With Compassion: A Letter From the CEO of True Med Spa

True Med Spa · June 16, 2016 · blog·Charity·VIP Membership

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I would like to invite everyone to join our movement to change 1000 children’s lives…

“Get Beautiful Skin & Give a Gift of a Beautiful Life”

With our VIP Membership program, we are changing lives of children who are desperately in need. These children cannot afford to go to school, and they are forced to work (under age) making just a few dollars a day to survive. With our support, they are not only able to go to school, but also they can get clothing, food and books. Education is vital for these children to escape the poverty.

We have found that Compassion is one of the most honest charities in the World when it comes to financial clarity.

In 2015, 81.8% of Compassion’s funding went to program activities to support kids, which is incredible compared to other charities… That’s why we chose them.

Another great thing, this is one to one sponsorship. We know exactly the kids whom we are sponsoring. We get photos and letters from each child. I have even gone to visit them myself. Please enjoy some of the pictures from my trip abroad to see faces of the lives we are changing.

I believe this is a cause definitely worth pursuing…

Dr. Kevin Choi
CEO, True Med Spa

Proceeds from each VIP Membership are donated to Compassion

Did you know that a portion of each True Med Spa VIP Membership is donated to Compassion? If you are not already a member, please take a look at the amazing scottsdale medspa specials that are part of every membership. For only $99 a month, you could be getting beautiful skin and saving a life.

Donate by becoming a VIP Member

If you would like to donate directly please visit www.compassion.com.

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true med spa works with compassion

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